Jason Q. Freed

Writer at CLE Content and Editor at Hotel Recovery

Jason Q Freed

A former newspaper journalist, Jason began learning and writing about hospitality in 2007, spending a decade at various hotel trade publications before diving into hotel content marketing. Jason brings unique perspectives to help hotel owners and operators solve challenges and capitalize on opportunities. In early 2020, he launched CLE Content to help more innovative hoteliers tell their stories and share strategies to drive hospitality forward.

Insights by Jason Q. Freed (12)

Roaring 20s: How Hospitality Leaders are Building Profitable Recovery Strategies

Now that the worst of the COVID pandemic is behind us, one thing is clear: Things are not going back to the way they once were. A “new normal” is our new reality, and that means hoteliers can’t rely on pre-pandemic strategies.

A Clean Start to Hotel Distribution Post COVID-19 Panel Talk

Our expert panel breaks down key points found in the recent report, 'A Clean Start to Hotel Distribution Post COVID-19.'Linda GulrajaniJohnathan Capps, Andrew Warner, CMO, Digital HotelierNicole Adia.

The Value of Turning Data into Actionable Insights

While analytics have become a critical driver of success for companies across many industries, the hospitality industry has lagged in its ability to use data to make a measurable impact on business strategy or guest experience.

How Automations Helps Revenue Teams Manage By Exception

Whether it's one hotel or an entire portfolio, there are certain revenue management tasks that are simply too repetitive and add little value for the time they take. Think about manually gathering data in an Excel spreadsheet for pricing decisions or manually keystroking rate recommendations into the Property Management System (PMS).

Revenue Management Roles Elevate Women in Hospitality

It was no accident that the stage comprised three female hoteliers during the "Revenue Professional's Guide to Asset Value and Profitability" session at HSMAI's Revenue Optimization Conference on Wednesday.
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