Isabelle Jan

Co-founder and manager of PrivateDeal SA

Isabelle Jan

Isabelle Jan is co-founder and manager of PrivateDeal SA, a Swiss company providing a smart negotiation solution for hotels. After several years of experience in Hotel management and an entrepreneurial background, she is now focused on helping hotels find new ways to develop a strong bond with their guests while improving direct bookings and simplifying revenue management.

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Reclaiming control over online distribution in the post-COVID hotel market

The early days of the COVID-19 crisis have exposed shortcomings among big actors in online distribution (such as OTAs), especially regarding reimbursement in the event of force majeure. The subpar handling of this exceptional situation has caused newfound distrust among many users, who are now likely to seek out alternatives when booking their next trip.

Visioning a Post-COVID Era in Distribution & Digital

In the fight to survive, hoteliers must throw everything they have at capturing demand in the months ahead. Combining their expertise with leading-edge technology that provides actionable business insights will allow them to gain a competitive edge.

Is there future for the “new” Thomas Cook?

Venerable brands always have the potential for a renaissance. Of course, success hinges on forgiveness (forgetfulness?) of all those stranded travelers. And the continued focus on "fun in the sun" vacations is a smart way to maintain that differentiation and historical brand promise.

How to choose the best bidding system for your hotel?

If you want to follow every single recommendations on how to do your job properly as a Hotel Manager, you might just get overwhelmed by the colossal amount of work ahead of you. Nowadays, hoteliers are expected to be 100% digitalized, mobile-oriented, able to propose a differentiated and consistent offer, and get the right product at the right price at the right moment to the right guest (just after being at the right place).