Joanne Hendrickx

Founder at Travel Without Plastic

Joanne Hendrickx

Previously the global Sustainable Destinations Manager at the Thomas Cook Group, Jo has a Masters Degree in Responsible Tourism Management and has worked extensively with accommodation providers to implement health, safety, quality and sustainability criteria for over 15 years. Highly commended at World Travel Market, London for her personal contribution to sustainable tourism, Jo has trained over 2500 industry colleagues and inspired many more. Increasingly concerned with the impacts of unnecessary plastics, she combined her expertise with a practical and realistic approach to create the Let´s Reduce Single-Use Toolkit that is now helping hotels around the world to reduce or eliminate single-use plastics from their operations.

Insights by Joanne Hendrickx (3)

Hygiene and Sustainability: How to make both work?

Whilst we are seeing an increase in some types of SUP due to COVID-19 (hopefully temporarily), we are also suggesting to accommodation providers that this is a great time to break some old habits, particularly around hotel room amenities.

Who makes hospitality sustainability happen: Governments, Industry, Consumers?

In our experience of reducing unnecessary single-use plastic in hotels it's been interesting to see how the guest satisfaction comments are playing in role in driving change. Many of us believe that we know what our guests want but we don't always verify this by actually asking them directly.

Eliminating unnecessary single-use plastics from hotel operations

In 2018, the word “single-use” was crowned “word of the year” by the Collins Dictionary, referring to those products that are purposely designed to be used once and then thrown away. Specifically, it has been single-use plastics making the headlines.