Katarina Tesarova

VP of Global Sustainability for Las Vegas Sands Corp.

Katarina Tesarova Katarina Tesarova serves as Vice President of Global Sustainability for Las Vegas Sands Corp. and leads Sands ECO360, the organization’s comprehensive sustainability strategy focused on reducing its environmental impact. Her dedication and expertise has helped Las Vegas Sands receive numerous accolades from leading industry authorities, including a position in CDP’s Climate A List and a listing in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices. Though an expert in environmental stewardship, Katarina received a law degree from Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia, and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a concentration in Finance from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
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Hotel Sustainability: Top 3 Technologies to Implement in 2020

I believe solar PV systems should be a high priority, to relieve dependence on fossil fuels while reducing Opex. I'll go with waste heat recovery, IE using a heat exchanger to preheat water entering hot water tanks, by using the exhaust heat from either HVAC or diesel generators, etc.

Climate Emergency And The Hospitality Industry: Are We On Track?

Here are a couple of thoughts from my perspective: Too much opacity in the brand-ownership model. Brands make the commitments with little or no teeth at the operational/ownership level.

You’ve installed LEDs. Now what?

All the LED upgrades are done. You’ve replaced just about every lamp in the hotel with an energy efficient equivalent with the same lighting quality, if not even better than its short-lived, kilowatt-hogging predecessor.