Arjan van Rheede

Senior Research Fellow in Sustainability at Hotelschool The Hague

Arjan van Rheede

Arjan van Rheede is Senior Research Fellow in Sustainability at Hotelschool The Hague. He has worked on labor market issues and is currently researching how value is created in organizations by positively impacting environmental, social and economic sustainability. His research interest is on the transition towards the circular economy; the translation of companies sustainable strategies into “practices”; insights from organizational development and change to support to implementation of sustainable practices; new relationship between host and guest, and finally on the impact of labels and sustainability reporting. He gained his PhD from the Faculty of Management & Organization at Groningen University in the Netherlands.

Insights by Arjan van Rheede (4)

COVID-19: A stress test for sustainable development in hospitality?

"Covid-19 is climate change on warp speed" (Wagner, Mar.10, 2020). The current pandemic has catastrophic consequences on the hospitality sector. The ways the industry currently deals with the crisis (for example, see: COVID-19 - Survival Guide for the Hospitality Industry) offers a glimpse into the crisis management endeavors in building a business case for disaster and climate resiliency.

How can sustainability be communicated beyond clichés and greenwashing?

Both clichés and greenwashing are amongst the biggest traps to fall into when communicating sustainability. A "let's save the world" claim and tacky towel policy stickers are superficial and unappealing and could be a turn-off to the small group of environmentally and socially-conscious consumers.

Actively transforming the linear economy into the circular economy

The so-called “circular economy” has really created momentum across fields – in business and science – and with it, re- energized the focus on sustainably. What will happen with this concept in the next five years? Arjan van Rheede, Senior Research Fellow in Sustainability at Hotelschool The Hague in the Netherlands, argues that hospitality organizations have a special responsibility to help the transformation from a linear economy to a circular economy, and that they also are in a special position to accelerate this process.