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Co-Founder at TRAVHOTECH

Mark Fancourt

ark Fancourt’s impressive 30-year career in hospitality has taken him all over the world; more specifically, to 45 countries on five different continents. His journey began in his hometown of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia, where his father was involved in the tourism industry; to Griffith University, where he earned his Master of Hospitality Management — and it has most recently brought him to Las Vegas, where he co-founded Testbed.Vegas. This nonprofit organization focuses on dialogue, education and the exhibition of travel and hospitality technology in the robust Las Vegas market. Fancourt understands these concepts of dialogue and education in hospitality very well. He has held executive leadership roles with global and regional oversight at a host of prestigious companies — including MGM, Fidelio, Micros, Pan Pacific, PPHG, and operational roles with Qantas, Sheraton and Hyatt — along with independent hotels, resorts and startup tech companies

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Solving Labor Shortage Through Technology

When demand for accommodation is greater than supply generally a higher rate is charged for a room. This is sustainable apparently. When the demand for skilled hospitality labour is greater than supply, higher rates of pay to attract talent in a traditionally underpaid industry is unsustainable? I digress.

SHIFT + DEL! Do we need a massive reset?

I always enjoy this particular topic. The truth is that there have been multiple solutions brought to industry over the years that do/did provide a one stop solution for the lions share of hospitality front and back of house operations.

Google is phasing out third-party cookies... Will it impact hotel marketing?

It's an environment that has been very valuable from a targeting perspective for any industry. However, the reality that privacy is being placed back in the hands of the consumer is coming and wise organizations who monetize on such services need to find a way actively to prepare for that new world.

Are robots coming to a hotel near you?

It depends upon how one views a 'robot'. Is a chatbot a type of robot? Some would say yes. Or does it only apply to the truly automaton physical looking devices with the digital smiley face to make humans more comfortable? Either way, they are on their way and some are already 'in-house'.

Hotel Technology During Crises, Does it innovate?

I am of the view that a significant technology shift is on the cusp of the broader hospitality industry. The catalyst, as Martin points out, is the customer/guest and the world that they are living in.
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