Alessandro Inversini

Associate Professor in Marketing at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL)

Alessandro Inversini

Dr. Alessandro Inversini is Associate Professor in Marketing at Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne, Switzerland (University of Applied Sciences- University of Western Switzerland) where he teaches International Services Marketing and Digital Marketing. Dr. Inversini is expert in marketing communication, digital communication and digital marketing with extensive academic and industry experience.

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How city hotels are reinventing their business models to stay competitive

In spite of numerous threats, with crises also come new opportunities. While many hotels had already started their digital revolution and were thinking of creative and innovative business strategies, the pandemic has turned this will to change into a real must.

Benefits and difficulties of CSR management in travel and leisure companies

The Covid-19 crisis has reinforced the strategic importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for all organizations. In particular, the pandemic has fostered awareness that firms must introduce responsible policies and processes that focus management attention on long-term sustainability over short-term profits.

How to communicate CSR effectively on social media?

Academic literature and practical evidence suggests that both large international firms and small privately-owned businesses are investing in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR can be understood and defined as a series of activities and policies that encompass a firm’s responsibility for its impacts on society and the environment.

EHL’s new Customer Experience Management Institute: Prioritizing customer-centricity and service excellence

In September 2020, EHL launched a new research institute called the Institute of Customer Experience Management. The launch of the institute, along with its ambitious research program, is part of the strategic vision of the school which, through the creation of business/research institutes in different disciplines, is trying to advance academic knowledge serving the needs of the industry.

What is Data Science in Hospitality

In many aspects, I am offering a better product and value for my customers, but I am not seeing any increase in results. How can I stand out from my competitors? - This is one question I have frequently been asked by fellow travel and hospitality industry professionals, from destination managers to hoteliers or service providers.
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