Gino Engels

Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer at OTA Insight


From the very beginning in 2012, OTA Insight’s vision is to provide user-friendly revenue management tools and become the global leader in data intelligence for the hospitality industry. OTA Insight was launched with a mission to help the hospitality industry visualize and leverage its data. Years of constant development and collaboration with hotel partners have resulted in a simple-to-use, live business intelligence platform. Since then, OTA Insight has won many industry awards and grown to become the preferred revenue management solution for over 50,000 independent, local and global chain properties across 168 countries, supported by 120+ stellar employees.

Gino is driven by working alongside the industry’s most progressive innovators, established global and local players and delivering them first-class solutions. He carries our company values close to his heart and is a firm believer in customer-centric innovation. Gino regularly contributes his expert knowledge to articles and frequently speaks at industry events across the globe.

30 Stamford Street
London, SE1 9LQ
United Kingdom
Phone: 44 203 095 2727

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