Sarah Andersen

Business Development Manager at RAR Hospitality

Sarah Andersen

I'm a Master of Management in Hospitality graduate from Boston University with a concentration in Real Estate Development and Marketing.

As a former student athlete on the D1 women's lacrosse team at Boston University, I have had the opportunity to develop leadership and time management skills, along with hard work and dedication. I have been able to apply these skills to my school work in the School of Hospitality Administration. I have become a devoted and reliable teammate because of the experiences I have been exposed to athletically and academically.

I am task oriented and determined to achieve goals efficiently and effectively. My bright personality gives me the ability to interact and make connections with my peers.

Insights by Sarah Andersen (7)

Hotel Industry 2020 – The New Normal

Welcome to the Twilight Zone or the surreal existence of those of us in hospitality with empty hotels. They are slowly and not so surely picking up but we will return to a "new normal" soon. What will it look like? The "light and warmth of hospitality," coined by Conrad Hilton, will not be apparent upon entrance to a hotel post COVID-19.

Sustainability: It’s More Than A Trend

In our December HNN column, "Foresight is 20/20," we identified 2020's top travel and hotel industry trends. One major development we recognized was sustainability. Whether you believe in the Green New Deal or believe climate change is overstated, sustainability is on the minds of our guests and is economically practical to implement.

Exciting Advances in Mobile Technology: How Hoteliers Can Benefit

The exponential boom in mobile technology over the past decade has brought the world closer together, kept the masses informed, and opened up new opportunities that we never could have imagined would exist.

Foresight is 20/20

In the new decade, Generation Z will become a new generation of travelers, technology will fuel these travelers, and the AI world is coming whether we like it or not, but its application in hotel operations will support team members rather than replace them.

Is Airbnb Taking Over The Hotel Business?

In 2008, when Airbnb was founded, the company's platform was based on offering peer-to-peer room, apartment and home sharing as a way for people to earn extra cash.
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