Sarah Andersen

Business Development Manager at RAR Hospitality

Sarah Andersen

I'm a Master of Management in Hospitality graduate from Boston University with a concentration in Real Estate Development and Marketing.

As a former student athlete on the D1 women's lacrosse team at Boston University, I have had the opportunity to develop leadership and time management skills, along with hard work and dedication. I have been able to apply these skills to my school work in the School of Hospitality Administration. I have become a devoted and reliable teammate because of the experiences I have been exposed to athletically and academically.

I am task oriented and determined to achieve goals efficiently and effectively. My bright personality gives me the ability to interact and make connections with my peers.

Insights by Sarah Andersen (11)

2021 hotel trends and concepts in ‘a new normal’

The hospitality industry has endured tremendous shifts and disruptions over the past year, forcing businesses to rapidly implement innovative trends that will reshape the future of hospitality.

Setting up 2021 for success

We have probably reached the midpoint of the Coronavirus Recession. We say that because we hit bottom quickly in April and came back up a bit this past summer. Many industries were not hit, but the virus-caused recession has taken its toll on this economy.

Hotel robotics thriving in 2020

Technology is transforming the hotel industry by leveraging the power of robotics and artificial intelligence. When looking at productivity, hotels are using robotics not to supplant jobs, but rather to make them more effective and efficient.

How Hotels Should Adapt Meetings And Events

In this time of great uncertainty, how can we best prepare for a new landscape in the hospitality and events industry post-COVID-19?

Hotel Industry 2020 – The New Normal

Welcome to the Twilight Zone or the surreal existence of those of us in hospitality with empty hotels. They are slowly and not so surely picking up but we will return to a "new normal" soon. What will it look like? The "light and warmth of hospitality," coined by Conrad Hilton, will not be apparent upon entrance to a hotel post COVID-19.
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