Samuel Wich

Student at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne obtaining his Bachelor in International Hospitality Management

Samuel Wich

Samuel Wich is student at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne obtaining his Bachelor in International Hospitality Management.

After his Swiss Matura Samuel worked for a large Swiss financial service provider in different roles for more than three years.

Through EHL internships Samuel has gained insights into both small boutique hotels as well as large conference hotel structures and is a regular contributor to Hospitality Insights by EHL.

Insights by Samuel Wich (6)

Sustainable Tourism: A Long Road Ahead

Every single second, more than 30 tourists arrive at their destination worldwide. With more than 1 billion passengers projected to travel in 2020, the effect tourism has on the environment cannot be underestimated.

Is 2020 the Year of Sustainable Business in Hospitality?

From Greta Thunberg sailing across the Atlantic Ocean to attending a conference in New York, to protesters all around the world taking to the streets in peaceful demonstrations - 2019 saw a huge uptick in activities related to climate change and environmental issues.

The Future of Food: What is it Made Of?

The way food has been produced in the past has led to countless problems. At long last, traditional farming and distribution practices are about to be disrupted. The future of food is high-tech, local and taking into account the needs of our planet.

Human Trafficking: What Hotels are Doing to Prevent It

According to the Global Slavery Index, an estimated 40.3 million men, women, and children were victims of modern slavery on any given day in 2016. With the International Labor Organization estimating annual profits from forced labor at 150 billion USD, it is the world's second largest criminal industry and affects all countries.

Coworking Spaces in Hotels - A Match Made in Heaven?

The recent spike in Google searches for the term "coworking" shows that there is no end in sight to the sweeping changes of younger generations' work behavior.
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