Ross McAlpine

Director, Client Services at Vizergy

Ross McAlpineRoss leads the Vizergy client services department, working with the account teams on client strategy and digital marketing best practice. Ross is responsible for developing the account team's skills and knowledge across all areas of digital marketing and is also responsible for Vizergy's business growth via client retention and strategic partnerships with the major hospitality brands. Originally from Scotland, Ross joined Vizergy in 2013 from the UK's largest hotel management company where he was responsible for marketing a portfolio of branded and independent hotels. He has over 10 years of digital marketing experience and is a Certified Hospitality Digital Marketer.
Insights by Ross McAlpine (10)

Google is phasing out third-party cookies... Will it impact hotel marketing?

I've seen the website cookie described as “perhaps the Web's biggest mistake” so it's not surprising that Google called time on third party cookies that had already been banned in other more privacy-focused browsers.

Is there future for the “new” Thomas Cook?

Growing up in Scotland I have fond memories of going into the local Thomas Cook store as a kid. The travel agents in the store knew each family, their vacation preferences and would be trusted to book the annual summer vacation, most often to the Spanish Islands or somewhere in Greece.

Does Google’s “Zero Click Search” Mark the End of Hotel Paid Search Marketing?

I think zero-click search is having a more profound effect on natural search traffic than paid traffic but hoteliers should understand that an effective strategy in 2020 will need to include a different set of tactics for SEO and paid media from those that may have had good results in the past.

Is Personalization in Hospitality Dead or Alive?

Delivering a great guest experience will always require interactions to be personalized. That could be simple 'old school' service like a hotel concierge greeting a frequent guest by name as they arrive, or it could be your preferred room set to the right temperature - without having to request these things.

Is OYO Hotels the next WeWork of the hospitality industry?

We should acknowledge Ritesh Agarwal's achievement as a young entrepreneur who has built a successful global business in six years that other hotel chains have struggled to achieve in 50+ years.
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