Ryan King

Senior Director of Strategy, Global at Shiji Group

Ryan King

Ryan King is a former hotelier with almost 20 years of experience that has spanned just about every department through the course of his hotel career. He worked at TravelClick where he spent a good amount of time consulting with individual properties and large management groups helping them find technology to improve RevPAR and increase profitability. He has a love of technology that helps him discover new methods enabling hoteliers to better engage their guests and thereby increase revenues through better service & marketing. He now spends his time working with other hospitality tech companies to help strengthen the StayNTouch eco-system in order to provide a world-class offering to all of the StayNTouch's clients.

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Is revenue management stuck in a rut?

This is a hard question to answer while not “stereotyping” what we have been doing in the past decade. To give credit where it's due there have been a number of more innovative boutique and luxury hotels out there who have dabbled in trying to increase total revenue/profit not just room ADR.

Why are there so many hospitality technology vendors in our industry? (Part II)

The one stop shop is already here in various forms. We have a number of companies out there that have attempted to create a “jack-of-all-trades” platform which generally means these systems are “masters-of-none”and come with some limitations.

Investing in Technology Innovation - How Much is Enough?

Without proper investment in research & development of “future” tech there is no path enabling hoteliers to achieve their goals. If you think about the number of hospitality technology companies that are out there you can already see we probably spend close to what Apple and other tech giants spend in relation to a “percentage of revenue”.

Artificial Intelligence… Where could and should AI be adopted in our industry?

Several years ago I remember watching the Jeopardy episode(s) where IBM's “Watson” played against human opponents and beat former champs Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. That was my first insight into the possibility of what AI could do.

The Death of Yesterday’s PMS: Embracing the New Normal

It's true the legacy PMS platforms are not going to work going forward. The role of the PMS is changing and it must be structured more like an information hub. Hoteliers need to be able to easily connect other systems, or even make their own platforms that exchange information based on the data stored in the PMS.