Julian Walker

Head of External Market Communications and PR at CWT

Julian Walker

Creator of multi-award winning campaigns across many communications disciplines, Julian has spent almost 30 years in corporate reputation management, public relations, marketing and strategic business communications - holding both senior consultancy and in-house positions - following five years as a City broker. He has advised all manner of company, (public/private, domestic/ international, not-for-profit and representative associations) on all aspects of targeted business communications.

His broader business experience includes establishing and running successful companies, financial restructuring of not-for-profit organisations, philanthropic fund management and corporate/charity fund- raising.

He also chair a youth-focused philanthropic investment fund and he is the author of books on travel and humour.

Specialist skills include: Corporate and employee communications, media relations, investor relations (debt and equity), marketing (product and corporate), financial calendar, financial restructuring, special situations, litigation support, M&A (c.200 UK and cross-border transactions) and share offers (>60 on UK, US, and European exchanges, plus equity placements).

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