Bryan Hammer

Vice President IT at Belmond

Bryan Hammer

Bryan is the Vice President of IT for Belmond responsible for application standards, infrastructure, compliance, security, IT operations, budgeting, and strategy for all hotel, train, cruise, and safari products globally. Nearly 20 years in hospitality technology spanning the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, with Starwood Hotels and Marriot prior to joining Belmond. When not IT-ing, hobbies include driving a Jeep Wrangler through the mud and ultra trail running through the mountains.

Insights by Bryan Hammer (3)

Should hoteliers develop in-house or outsource IT applications and solutions?

A large chain may have more resources better suited to development in house. This requires a high level of funding, process maturity, infrastructure and deep skill sets. In return for the customisation and control they get over the environment, they also take on the responsibility to make sure they are incorporating all of the legal, statutory, and regulatory requirements, no small task these days! Smaller chains won't have these same resources and will definitely not want to take on the risk and liability to make sure privacy by design, PCI, and GDPR are built in.

Artificial Intelligence… Where could and should AI be adopted in our industry?

AI is already being leveraged in many hotels, from online concierge and chatbot systems, to sophisticated revenue management and yielding platforms. An area of great potential for AI is in a space where guests are already accustomed to using it at home.

The Death of Yesterday’s PMS: Embracing the New Normal

This is 100% true for many hotel companies! On-premise PMS, not always with a standard configuration, makes it extremely difficult to consolidate the guest profile data and maintain it, inhibiting personalization and marketing opportunities.