David Eisen

Director of Hotel Intelligence and Customer Solutions for HotStats

David EisenDavid Eisen is Director of Hotel Intelligence and Customer Solutions for HotStats, a monthly profit-and-loss data benchmarking service. He is responsible for business development activity in the Americas and developing marketing strategies to drive HotStats’ brand awareness. Prior to joining HotStats, David served as Editor-in- Chief of the Questex Hospitality Group, which includes Hotel Management magazine. His responsibilities included overseeing content direction for the magazine and website, and leading content creation for events and conferences under the Questex umbrella. Prior to Questex, he was hotel editor at Business Travel News. David has a master's degree in hospitality industry studies from New York University’s Jonathan M. Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism. He frequently participates on panels and roundtable discussions on myriad global hospitality industry trends and topics.
Insights by David Eisen (52)

How Operational Efficiency Leads to Optimal Profitability

In the hotel industry, the deeper decision-makers can drill down into departmental figures, the easier it is to generate revenue, chisel away at unnecessary costs and post a healthy profit. Simply put, the best decisions are driven by in-depth analysis of departmental revenue and operational costs.

What Are the Best KPIs for Measuring Hotel Profitability?

As COVID-19 continues its charge unabated, it's natural for hoteliers to feel like they're on loose financial footing. And as room revenue becomes less predictable, many hoteliers are seeing their revenue-only strategies give way beneath them.

Budgeting Season is Here: Oy Vey! But It Doesn’t Have To Be

By now, most hoteliers are in the throes of budget season. Only this year's version is unlike any before. COVID-19 has made it so.

Why Tracking RevPAR Only Is a Recipe for Failure

What's the problem with a RevPAR-only hotel performance focus? Imagine you're trying to bake a world-class cake. You've picked out the best ingredients, tossed them in a bowl, and ... you're done, ri.

Benchmarking 101: The Bottom Line on Utility Costs

In the age of COVID, numerous operating costs have decreased, as hoteliers have done all they can to reduce expenses to help offset the extreme reduction in revenue.
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