Jon Davis

CTO at Village Hotel Club

Jon Davis

With a career starting in the operations side of the hospitality industry, and a deep knowledge of technology, Jon quickly learned that bringing the two disciplines together could bring massive business benefit. As the current CTO at Village Hotel Club, Jon continues to change the way Hotels harnesses technology to drive efficiencies while at the same time improving the guest experience. Previous to working with Village Hotel Club Jon was MD at Kickstart Technologies who provided consultancy, guidance and project management to some of the worlds leading hospitality brands and software companies. Outside of hospitality Jon is a keen Golfer and big sports fan.

Insights by Jon Davis (7)

Is 'data scientist' the next hot position in hotels/hospitality?

As a business we generate enormous amounts of data from multiple sources and want to and understand it not only to analyse current performance (i.e. business intelligence) but also to be able to accurately forecast.

Is revenue management stuck in a rut?

I think various factors have lead to the slow advanced of Revenue Management. Technology hasn't helped with integration issues leading to the need for manual input in may areas. This has lead to bespoke processes being put in place that are very hard to change.

Should hoteliers develop in-house or outsource IT applications and solutions?

I would always be an advocate of buying 'off the shelf' solutions where possible, and I believe it is becoming increasingly easier to do this, although there is still a way to go! With the rate of change in technology, I am more comfortable relying on solutions that are used by other hospitality experts, which should, in theory, allow for a wider group to impact research and development.

My biggest frustration with hotel-tech when booking or staying at a hotel!

Checkout....You have my details, you have my payment method, we both know where I have stayed, what I have eaten and any extras i've added, yet I still need to queue to checkout and get an invoice!!?!?!It almost feels like its there because thats how it's always been done, there is no benefit to hotel or customer.

Investing in Technology Innovation - How Much is Enough?

I think a joint effort between technology vendors and hospitality customers has been needed for many years and hasn't been successfully implemented. Too many times I see blocker to true innovation with the line 'it's not on the roadmap' or 'cost prohibitive' from vendors, something that is slowly changing with the introduction of new technologies that can shake-up the traditional suppliers.
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