Alexandra Herget

Co-Founder, TUTAKA

Alexandra  HergetAlexandra developed hospitality concepts before founding TUTAKA in the beginning of 2018 after being frustrated seeing the amount of things that are thrown away every day in a hotel. Studying Interactive Art Direction at HYPER ISLAND, Graphic Design at M.DH and getting a M. Sc. in Strategy & Innovation helped along the way. Her time at The Ritz Carlton, hospitality competence and the Hotelmarketing Gruppe as well. She is mad for unusual ideas, boldness, ecoistic people, typography and Scandinavian design.

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How can sustainability be communicated beyond clichés and greenwashing?

Whereas clichéing communicator misses the chance to present the manifold added values of sustainability, greenwashers pretend that they have made efforts, however just for the sake of being perceived as green and thus trustable and a brand to stick with.