Stephanie Smith

Founder and Digital Matriarch at Cogwheel Marketing

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Sparks Smith is Founder and Digital Matriarch at Cogwheel Marketing and partner and consultant at Cayuga Hospitality Consultants. Her focus is helping hotels drive incremental exposure and revenue to their websites and online channels through digital marketing and advertising. The expertise of Cogwheel Marketing is openings and conversions along with knowing the intricacies of the brand systems of Marriott/Starwood, Hilton and IHG.

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How To Load A Job On Facebook

As the economy gains traction, especially for hotel and restaurants, many areas are already seeing a staffing crunch.

Which Tripadvisor Platform Is Right For My Hotel?

Tripadvisor continues to try to find ways to generate revenue, but how do you know which platforms are best for your hotel? The review-giant-turned-distribution-platform-turned-membership-program just rolled out its fourth program, Tripadvisor PLUS, and time will tell if their membership-based approach (think Amazon Prime of travel) will succeed.

It Is Time For Hotel Marketers To Evolve Past ROI

If you are measuring your marketing success today the same way you did last year, you are not providing the value that your external stakeholders and ownership expect and that your internal business partners, like sales and revenue strategy, deserve.

Tiered Marketing Approach To Hotel Recovery

Hotel markets across the US are behaving differently. They are rebounding at a different pace. Even hotels within the same market are not seeing the same patterns.

The Digital Marketing Strategies Hotels Should Be Using to Pivot for Recovery | Need-to-Know

Stephanie Sparks Smith sat down with Kristi White of Knowland to review hotel digital marketing and how to pivot for recovery. At Cogwheel Marketing, we focus on marketing for branded hotels: Marriott, Hilton, IHG and Hyatt.
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