Paul Vanderbroeck

Executive coach and organizational consultant

Paul  VanderbroeckPaul Vanderbroeck is an executive coach and organizational consultant. Having performed as an officer in Fortune 500 companies, he is familiar with how leaders and organizations interact. He has more than 25 years of experience in leadership, team and organization effectiveness. He spent many years leading human resources and organization development efforts at Shell, GM and UBS, often with responsibilities across the globe. Paul now helps leaders in multiple industries and countries get the results they want. He has worked with leaders and teams in companies such as Nestlé, Danone, PMI, JTI, RBS, Cargill, Roche, Airbus, Ernst & Young, Lufthansa, Microsoft, Mazda as well as at IMD and INSEAD, top tier global business schools. Paul is also known as leadership thought leader, whose research and points of view regularly appear in book chapters and quality journals.
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Women in Leadership: Building Self-Confidence

Although more than 60 percent of EHL's current students are female, reaching the C-suite is still a problem, as only 17 percent of the school's alumni occupying senior executive roles are women. Earlier this year EHL launched its Women in Leadership (WIL) initiative, with the aim of promoting leadership policies to foster diverse and balanced work environments in the hospitality industry.