Tim Peter

Founder & President, Tim Peter & Associates

Tim PeterTim Peter helps companies put the web to work to grow their business. He has worked since 1995 developing innovative e-commerce and internet marketing programs across multiple industries. Prior to launching Tim Peter & Associates, LLC, a full-service e-commerce and internet marketing consulting firm in early 2011, he worked with the world’s largest hotel franchisor and the world’s premier independent luxury hotel representation firm to help hotels and resorts across diverse segments achieve more than $2 billion in online revenue. An expert in online marketing and e-commerce strategy, Tim focuses on web analytics, content strategy and the integration of social media and search engine marketing. He is a member of the Search Engine Marketers Professional Organization (SEMPO), HSMAI and the Digital Analytics Association.

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Amazon Explore - Is This Another Attempt to Enter the Travel Industry?

Amazon has tried unsuccessfully to tackle the online travel space twice in the past. Back in 2013-2015, Amazon attempted to do this “organically” with its ill-conceived Amazon Local and Amazon Destinations.

This Week in Hospitality Marketing Live Show 254 Recorded Broadcast

For all show notes at look for show 254CoHostsJordan HollanderBen HanleyAdele GutmanTristan HeawordValyn PeriniTim PeterEdward StOngeLily MockermanShow Notes00:01 — Introduction to Jordan and the history of Hoteltechreport.

This Week in Hospitality Marketing Live Show 253 Recorded Broadcast

For all the show notes and links go to GostineLily MockermanEdward StOngeDean SchmitTristan HeawordBen HanleyTim PeterAdele GustmineValyn PeriniStuart ButlerShow Notes00:01 — Introduction to Andrew and what his product is.

A Post-Crisis Top-3 Digital Marketing Action Plan

Ever hear of a pendulum swing? Finally, revenue managers will have to become real digital marketers, versus simply playing with past data to formulate their plans. This is an exciting, brave new world! What I would like to see is AI-generated marketing programs that look OUTSIDE of travel history, but cross reference psycho-graphics, based upon buying patterns and habits.

What is your take on the coronavirus and its impact on our industry?

We have experienced a variety of natural disasters and multiple contagions in the past and each time we rebound to previous levels of social and business behaviors — the question is though — how long will it take for a complete recovery?At the time of writing, it appears as though the rate of growth of this virus has slowed down for the first time in China, where it is believed the virus originated.