Nadia Ibrahim

Head Of Consultancy at Farnek Services LLC

Nadia IbrahimIbrahim has over 12 years’ experience, throughout the Middle East and India and has a master’s degree in environmental management, is an ISO lead auditor with NEBOSH certifications and is a Green Globe Accredited auditor.
Insights by Nadia Ibrahim (2)

The Decade of Decarbonisation & Restoration: Needed Actions in Hospitality

The Hospitality Industry is at a stage of economic recovery after the pandemic impact and I think one of the key learning that the industry gained is that sustainability should be a top priority since every business is at risk due to the unprecedented environmental & climate change risks and for future survival every business should focus on operating without damaging the environment and health of our natural world.

How can sustainability be communicated beyond clichés and greenwashing?

Greenwashing mainly involves claiming to be sustainable or being an eco-hotel which usually does not make any impact on the guests. The best & most effective to way communicate sustainability is by providing it is as a part of service quality.