John Smallwood

CEO of Travel Outlook

John Smallwood

After 30 years in the hospitality business as an owner and manager of all types of hotels, John Smallwood created Travel Outlook, the only hospitality-centric high-touch call center in North America.

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Selecting The Right Call Center

As a hotelier and a business owner, it can be hard to let go of certain aspects of your business. After all, it’s hard enough to find hardworking employees who care about your business like it’s their own, let alone outsourced workers.

Travel – The Essential Commodity

In March 2020, the travel industry effectively hit pause in response to the Covid-19 pandemic spreading quickly across the globe. After a brief hibernation that may have felt like an eternity to travelers and those in the travel industry, travel is back on track.

The Return To Genuine Hospitality

In a digital age, when a potential guest picks up the phone to make a reservation, they expect a personal touch on the other end. Chances are, they've exhausted all digital booking avenues and are seeking true customer service by a trained professional.

Ground Zero And Your Brand’s Image

In today's consumer world, a brand's image carries as much weight as the brand's service. Without branding, there would be no sure-fire way to differentiate yourself from your immediate competition. Imagine shopping for groceries in a store without branding.

Your Hotel Guests – Your Focus

2020 has turned the hospitality industry on its head, forcing many in the travel field to cut costs where they can or risk temporary or even permanent closure. Despite all that has changed in the hospitality industry in the last year, one thing remains constant, and that is the need for creating unique, guest-focused travel experiences, the kind of experiences that keep guests coming back to their favorite boutique hotels.
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