Luciano Lopez

Assistant Professor at Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL)

Luciano LopezDr Luciano Lopez is an economist inquisitive about many applied economic subjects. Particularly, he is specialized in foreign aid, the topic of his PhD dissertation. Dr Lopez is passionate about teaching. He likes to teach in a way that involves as much as possible the student (mentally and physically) so that this latter is at the center of the lecture. An active learning process is for him the key to acquire knowledge in a long term perspective.

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Paradeplatz versus Brasserie de la Gare: Why are Wall Street and Main Street evolving so differently?

As the world marks the one year birthday of COVID-19, it is reeling from the force of the first wave, battling the second and bracing for a third. Yet, the impact of this pandemic on the real economy (goods and services) remains uncertain.

Economic Theories On COVID-19’s Impact On Hospitality And Tourism

A look at the numerous economic factors that determine the degree of damage the pandemic has wreaked on the hospitality and tourism industry. How, who and why some areas of the industry might come out better or worse than others.

Circular Economy in the Tourism Sector

The economy was pictured until recently as linear, with a strong tendency to satisfy the consumers' needs with brand new products, somehow to give them a feeling of exclusivity. However, a full range of environmental, socio-demographic and economic indicators, mostly alarming, rose the need to change our consumption and production habits.