Nancy Scanlon

PhD, Professor at Florida International University

Nancy ScanlonDr. Scanlon is on the advisory panel for the International Tourism Association and served on the Sustainability and Engineering Committee for the American Hotel & Lodging Association for the last 20 years. Nancy is chair of the sustainability council for the Greater Miami and the Beaches Hotel Association in Miami, Fl.. Dr. Scanlon speaks internationally and has written numerous articles for trade publications and journals. She teaches sustainable development and operations for lodging and hospitality facilities at Florida International University and focuses on the impact of climate change and climate induced events on tourism and the lodging sector.
Insights by Nancy Scanlon (3)

Running out of energy: An underestimated threat to a "people's business"?

The problem is far wider than some may estimate. Hospitality is not just any business. It's the type of business that provides an escape from day to day troubles, it's essential to wellbeing and a vital medicine to society's ills.

Hygiene and Sustainability: How to make both work?

Whilst we are seeing an increase in some types of SUP due to COVID-19 (hopefully temporarily), we are also suggesting to accommodation providers that this is a great time to break some old habits, particularly around hotel room amenities.

COVID-19: A stress test for sustainable development in hospitality?

While people are still struggling to survive, some theorists say, they do not think of the common good. Yet what this crisis has shown (for some surprisingly for some not), is that this is not by definition true.