Jean Lupinacci

Chief ENERGY STAR Commercial and Industrial Branch, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Jean LupinacciJean Lupinacci has been with EPA for more than 30 years with primary responsibilities for developing and managing voluntary climate protection programs. Jean has led some of EPA’s flagship voluntary partnerships to protect the climate and reduce or eliminate CFCs to protect stratospheric ozone. She was chair of a United Nations Environment Program multi-national committee that evaluated technical options to reduce CFC use. Jean is responsible for expanding the ENERGY STAR program to include energy efficiency across buildings and plants and currently directs the program. Jean earned her degree in environmental economics from Rutgers University.
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How can sustainability be communicated beyond clichés and greenwashing?

To avoid falling into the „greenwashing trap” business need to be transparent, honest and modest. Since “greening” is not the core business of most tour-operators, hotels or resorts, investing in the wrong project or a poor strategy might turn into a slippery slope to reputation damage.