Prince A. Sanders

Managing Director at Park Lane Hotel New York

Prince A. Sanders

Prince A. Sanders is Managing Director at Park Lane Hotel New York. He is the recipient of the 2010 Leader of the Year Award for his work at The Ritz Carlton, and has hands-on experience with the Edition Hotel brand - Marriott's lifestyle brand, which led him across the world to open three properties in Hawaii, Istanbul, and London.

Prince is the Chair for American Ballet Theater's Young Patron's Council, something he cherishes given his background as a professional ballet dancer with the Joffrey Ballet.

Prince A. Sanders is also the author of the "The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Prince", a children's series focusing on teaching future generations inspiring messages loosely based on Prince's young life with his family in New York City.

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Have you ever set a goal and not followed through? I think we've all done it at one time or another. So, what prevented that goal from coming to fruition? Maybe a lack of motivation or not having the right tools to achieve the goal? Most of the time, there is a key element that impedes us from meeting goals, and in many cases, it is positivity.

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It goes without saying. 2020 was a challenging year for everyone. We were impacted by a global pandemic that is still looming large, causing us to upend our lives completely. Some have lost loved ones, lost jobs, had to cancel trips, and other big events.

Motivating and Inspiring Others During Challenging Times

For many, this year has been especially challenging. Even for the most optimistic, a barrage of hardships can wear anyone down. In difficult times, it is important to search for the positive in every situation, lean on each other for support, and encourage others to embrace resilience and adapt to make the best of a negative situation.

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Finding a Sense of Purpose

We spend much of our life in pursuit of fulfillment. Whether we seek this feeling in our work, our families, our hobbies, or in some other area of life, all of us long to find something that makes us feel content, useful, and fulfilled.
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