Catherine Dolton

Vice President Global Corporate Responsibility at InterContinental Hotels Group

Catherine DoltonCatherine Dolton has been Vice President, Global Corporate Responsibility at IHG since 2018 and is responsible for overseeing IHG’s corporate responsibility strategy. Catherine’s role includes leading IHG’s sustainability agenda and its global charitable giving and community programme, True Hospitality for Good. Previously, Catherine was Head of Investor Relations at IHG, and was responsible for all activities and communications with investors and sellside analysts globally. Catherine joined IHG in 2001, when she spent five years leading the global hotel audit and Europe Middle East and Africa corporate audit teams. Before coming to IHG, Catherine spent three years with Ernst & Young, in their Consumer Products external audit function. Catherine has a Natural Sciences degree from the University of Cambridge and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accounts of England and Wales and a member of the Business in the Community Global Goals Leadership Team.
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Responsible travel: How do we make booking sustainable hotels easier?

There are many questions yet to be answered about the future of travel in a post-pandemic world, but one thing that seems quite clear is the growing consumer focus on sustainability and responsibility.

Driving Resiliency and Sustainability in Hospitality: Five Priorities for 2021

In a year of disruption and change, one positive we can take is how the Covid-19 pandemic has galvanized both business and public around matters right across the ESG agenda. In creating this time of collective reassessment and reprioritization, this global health crisis has focused the spotlight on areas like climate change, social norms, injustice, and the most vulnerable in society.

Running out of energy: An underestimated threat to a "people's business"?

As we come out of the crisis, the rear-view mirror test on how businesses behaved towards their people during this period will be incredibly important – whether you're working with a company or looking to work for them.

Hygiene and Sustainability: How to make both work?

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic means that companies may have to reprioritise their focus for the short-medium term, as the effects of the pandemic unfold and pressures shift. With safety, security and hygiene rightly becoming of utmost importance, it doesn't necessarily mean that environmental sustainability stops being a priority.

COVID-19: A stress test for sustainable development in hospitality?

Momentum was building for 2020 to be a year of pivotal collective action on sustainability, with business and governments coming together to tackle the climate emergency. The Covid-19 outbreak has emphasised more than ever, the importance of future-proofing business for growth and resilience within the context of climate change.
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