Ioannis S. Pantelidis

PhD, FIH, SFHEA, Director of Postgraduate Research Studies at Brighton Doctoral College

Ioannis S. PantelidisIoannis is Chair of The Council for Hospitality Management Education, Director of Association of North America Higher Education International, and Director of Postgraduate Research Studies at Brighton Doctoral College. He has also been a trustee for The Institute of Hospitality, Tourism Concern and Cavendish Academy. He is also visiting professor at the University of Applied Science Wittenborg, External evaluator for professorship promotions with the University of Patras and was visiting Professor at the University of Granada. He has created hospitality projects that leave a legacy such as the Passion4Hospitality awards for the Institute of Hospitality, the and the worlds first pop up hotel school. He is the Hospitality Editor of Tourism and Hospitality Research (by Sage) and in the editorial board of four more hospitality related journals.
Insights by Ioannis S. Pantelidis (2)

Running out of energy: An underestimated threat to a "people's business"?

The problem is far wider than some may estimate. Hospitality is not just any business. It's the type of business that provides an escape from day to day troubles, it's essential to wellbeing and a vital medicine to society's ills.

Hotel Sustainability: Top 3 Technologies to Implement in 2020

I believe solar PV systems should be a high priority, to relieve dependence on fossil fuels while reducing Opex. I'll go with waste heat recovery, IE using a heat exchanger to preheat water entering hot water tanks, by using the exhaust heat from either HVAC or diesel generators, etc.