Friederike Vinzenz

Expert for Sustainability Communication & Founder at RoomFor

Friederike Vinzenz

Dr. Friederike Vinzenz studied Media and Communication Science and Psychology at the University of Zurich. She implements and promotes research and business operations that help raise awareness for regional and global sustainable development and teaches how to increase sustainable consumer behavior.

Friederike is the founder of RoomFor that helps organizations and individuals to understand communication and persuasion effects regarding consumers’ attitude and behavior. The central target is addressing several target groups with sustainability communication.

Insights by Friederike Vinzenz (3)

COVID-19: A stress test for sustainable development in hospitality?

Certainly, we cannot look into the future, but various social science studies indicate that people find it difficult, especially in crisis situations, to recognize larger contexts and take measures that go beyond the symptoms of the current threat.

Sustainability Gives Hotels An Edge In The War For Talent. Or Does It?

Although various definitions emphasize the interdependence of the three sustainability dimensions ecology, social, and economy, public discourse focuses on ecological aspects and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

How can sustainability be communicated beyond clichés and greenwashing?

First of all, you have to be serious about your sustainability efforts. So, start with an analysis to find out in which areas you need to change or improve most urgently. In a strategy, you define the plan for implementation and determine the effort required for the necessary steps.