Ricardo Moreira

Managing Director at XCO2

Ricardo MoreiraRicardo is co-founder and managing director of XCO2, a specialist energy and sustainability consultancy with offices in London and Singapore. He is responsible for the company’s overall management and strategic business development, and also leads some of its key international hospitality projects. With both architectural and engineering backgrounds, and near 20 years of experience in the industry, he is a firm believer in collaboration between disciplines and design integration as major enablers for delivering robust sustainability solutions. Ricardo holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Design and Engineering from University College London, where he received Commendation for his innovative research. He has also lectured at University College London, Imperial College Central St Martins College, and spoken at numerous international conferences in Europe, Asia and South America.
Insights by Ricardo Moreira (2)

Hospitality stakeholders: Why is COP26 important?

We are in urgent need of ambitious top-down commitments and mandates on carbon emissions, as the bottom-up approach clearly has not been sufficient to achieve widespread action. Bold targets at the national level with clear and detailed action plans, alongside carrots and sticks, could influence investment, legislation, standards and practice.

How can sustainability be communicated beyond clichés and greenwashing?

It is true that the industry in general often lacks credibility due to empty claims of being 'green' or 'eco' and superficial environmental actions. The answer is treating guests as informed consumers and sharing the environmental data with them.