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Senior Manager - Research, New Delhi

Dipti MohanDipti Mohan, Senior Manager - Research with HVS South Asia, is a seasoned knowledge professional with extensive experience in research-based content creation. She has authored several ‘point of view’ documents such as thought leadership reports, expert opinion articles, white papers and research reports. Contact Dipti at [email protected]

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HVS Monday Musings: Will EV Charging Stations Be The New Service Offering At Hotels In India?

Indian domestic travelers have discovered the pleasures of road trips in the past year and an increasing number of these tourists will be electric vehicle (EV) owners going forward. EVs are considered the 'future of mobility' and are fast gaining popularity in India.

HVS Monday Musings: Adventure Tourism in India

As per a recent travel survey, almost 65% of the Indians who participated in the survey were keen to travel for leisure and adventure in 2021. Several domestic tourists are now looking beyond traditional holidays.

HVS Monday Musings: Reviving The Global Travel & Tourism Sector

The roll-out of the vaccination programs across countries has brought some much-needed optimism to the global travel & tourism (T&T) sector. Most countries are now cautiously preparing to welcome back international travelers to their shores, albeit with several strict guidelines and protocols in place, as the new variants and the rapidly increasing COVID cases across some countries are still a concern.

HVS Monday Musings: Medical Tourism In India

In the last decade, India has emerged as one of the leading medical tourism destinations globally. The presence of several high-quality, well-equipped healthcare facilities along with a strong base of highly skilled and specialized English-speaking medical professionals, offering world-class treatments at much more affordable costs compared to developed nations are some of the reasons for the growth of this segment in India.

HVS Musings: The Rise Of The Upscale Hotels Segment In India

The midscale and upscale hotel segments have been driving the growth in the branded Indian hotels sector in the last few years and are the sweet spots for upcoming development in the country. The upscale segment, in fact, has regained the mindshare of hoteliers in the last couple of years due to the significant demand in this segment.
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