Ari Andricopoulos

CEO of RoomPriceGenie

Ariel Andricopoulos

Ari has a PhD in financial mathematics, followed by 15 years creating trading algorithms. In 2017 he co-founded RoomPriceGenie, to help independent hotels, like his father's, by using automatic algorithmic pricing. Ari believes that revenue management can be for everyone, not just for large hotels and mathematical whizzes. RoomPriceGenie make simple, transparent, high-quality pricing for hotels from 4 rooms to 129.

Insights by Ari Andricopoulos (6)

How can hotels stand ahead of the curve when demand returns?

First thing hoteliers should do is invest and implement technology NOW! With today's SaaS monthly fees and free trials, even in this time with little cash on hand, implementing new technology is possible and affordable.

Do we need a new revenue management toolkit for 2021?

Let's remind everyone what the primary goal of revenue management (RM) is: to ensure that the property sells the right product to the right customer at the right time for the right price on the right channel.

We’re out of the rut. Now what?

In the pre-COVID-19 era, some revenue managers were indeed stuck in the rut. Who were they? Revenue managers who acted as mere “OTA Relationship Managers.” Or as comp-set pricing strategy plagiarists.

A Post-Crisis Top-3 Revenue Management Action Plan

Here are the three main action steps in revenue management in the post-crisis period: 1. Break down the silos! The post-crisis requires a completely new approach to revenue management (RM), not going back to the old ways of doing RM.

Has forecasting become a lost art?

It is very important for hotels to maintain a detailed forecast for both the short term (more frequent) and longer-term (outside 3 months). If your property has an automated system that provides demand information, it will likely only be reliable for the short term.
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