Joe Pettigrew

Senior Vice President, Commercial Strategy at YOTEL

Joe  PettigrewJoe is responsible for YOTEL's global strategy on revenue, distribution, e-commerce, sales and digital marketing. He brings over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, having held various leadership positions at some of the most celebrated companies, such as The Principal Hotel Company, The Palms Casino & Resorts, and Expedia, where he completed key initiatives, such as the launch of multiple award-winning websites, a new loyalty scheme, and a CRM. He is also an active member of the industry, serving on a steering committee of European Hotel Forum and frequently contributing to industry studies and events.
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Why Being Different Drives Profit

Direct bookings. We talk about it every day. OTA commissions stick out like a sore thumb on our P&Ls. Our direct booking shares are in decline but the cost to maintain that share is rising. Hotel owners and managers alike are heavily investing in technologies to generate more direct bookings while fighting the inherent distribution challenges that continue to plague our industry.