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Hospitality Insights content editor at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

Beatrice VenturiniBeatrice Venturini is a Hospitality Insights content editor at EHL with a background in music research, radio and journalism.

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Stimulating coffee facts with EHL’s Alain Berruex

Coffee - so much more than a drink - more a way of life. David Lynch is famously quoted as saying that "even a bad cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all". While the amount that is either good or bad for your health is still unresolved, coffee remains the most popular beverage in the world with more than 400 billion cups consumed each year.

ARC Bar: A Heart-Warming Story Of A Unique Concept Venue For The Able And Disabled

Back in 2000, EHL launched its Student Business Project (SBP) module as an integral part of the final Bachelor year program. Its aim: to give students real-life, hands-on, practical experience of what it means to set up and run a business from every possible angle, in conjunction with the requirements of a business partner who has enlisted their help, insights and know-how.

Adapting EHL’s Practical Arts Pedagogy To New COVID-Secure Measures

An interview with senior lecturer, Cyrille Lecossois, who teaches culinary arts and the Research & Development programs at EHL. He explains the significant and successful changes that have been implemented post-COVID-19 in order to guarantee safety at the school in all areas relating to his teaching practice.

This summer's ‘Must Reads’ chosen by EHL’s Rooms and Revenue Management

Continuing our summer reading list theme, EHL's Rooms and Revenue Management teams have drawn up a shortlist of essential titles that all prospective students of hospitality management should be familiar with on the topic of RM by the start of the new term.

Brush Up On Finance & Wine Economics This Summer, Selected By EHL Experts

Dr. Philippe Masset and Dr. Jean Philippe Weisskopf are both associate professors at EHL specializing in Empirical Finance and Wine Economics. They are founding members of the Alliance for Research on Wine & Hospitality Management and have written extensively on the subject.
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