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Hospitality Insights content editor at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

Beatrice VenturiniBeatrice Venturini is a Hospitality Insights content editor at EHL with a background in music research, radio and journalism.

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Drink Trends 2021: What Exactly Is Bubble Tea & Why Is It Successful?

Have you ever walked past a bubble tea shop and noticed hordes of young people queuing up outside – even in a pandemic – and asked yourself what all the fuss is about? Time to explore what makes this Taiwanese beverage so popular among its drinkers and such a viable business for its vendors.

How to make EHL's easy three-cheese fondue recipe

Taken from the French verb to melt - fondre - fondue is an easy to prepare and highly convivial cheese treat. Named Switzerland’s national dish in the 1930s by the Swiss Cheese Union in order to increase consumption of the large amounts of cheese that the country was producing, fondue has become an icon of 'Swissness' at home and abroad.

Best Teacher Tools Online: 10 Elearning Tools Selected By EHL Faculty

The best teacher tools online selected by our EHL faculty members. An overview of what these teaching apps can really bring to the online and blended learning classroom and to the learning outcomes.

Why Study In Singapore According To The Dean Of EHL's Newest Campus

Dr. Luciano Lopez been Assistant Professor of Macro & Microeconomics at EHL Campus Lausanne since 2018. As an economist, his research focuses on applied economics, particularly on circular economy practices in the hospitality industry.

Gâteaux De Voyage: Travel Cakes Unpacked

Unlike a cream cake, sticky pudding or fancy meringue, travel cakes have to do what is says on the tin: be able to move smoothly from A to B and remain delicious. Why this type of "on-the-go", fuss-free dessert is here to stay and is surely becoming the new buzzword amongst pastry chefs and food businesses alike.
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