Gaurav Singh

Senior Vice President – Product Management at RateGain

Gaurav  SinghSenior Vice President – Product Management at RateGain
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See the Green Shoots of Recovery with Smart Distribution’s latest addition “Future Demand”

Skift Global Recovery Index, which provides granular insights on travel and hospitality industry recovery, shows that currently, we stand at 42% recovery compared to last year. The recovery index is growing week-on-week, but it is still a long journey ahead.

Watch your Language!

There was a time when "travel accommodation" and "hotel" were virtually interchangeable. Sure, there were vacation rentals, but at a smaller scale and not readily available on the major travel booking platforms.

Struggling with Room Mapping? Get Smarter with RezGain’s AI based Mapping Recommender

For the hotel industry, distribution is at the core of revenue success. However, over the last 10 years, in the hospitality industry, the distribution technology has remained more or less the same. There is fragmentation, information overload and friction-points at each point of the distribution journey.