Gelina Kordoni

Assistant Analyst, HVS Athens

Gelina KordoniGelina Kordoni is an Assistant Analyst with the HVS Athens Office. She has extensive experience in hotel operations in Greece, the UAE, and the Netherlands. She has studied International Hospitality Management at Hotelschool The Hague business school. Since joining HVS, Gelina has assisted in market research for multiple assignments. She can be contacted at +30 (694) 397-4017 or [email protected]

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Thoughts on How the Pandemic Must Affect Greek Tourism

In one of our previous articles, we analysed the impact of COVID-19 on hotel occupancy in Athens and Thessaloniki whereas our latest one was an attempt to interpret the different perspectives of Greek hospitality industry experts through targeted interviews that offered further insight on the aspects affecting hotel operations in the short-term.

Impact of COVID-19 on Greek Tourism: Industry Experts' Opinion

The Greek hotel industry is bruising, as it has been forced to a grinding halt. However, even on a dauntless note during such times, the hospitality industry is characterized by its resilience to perform and navigate itself through enhanced novel strategies.