John Duran

Senior Consultant at Horwath HTL Atlanta

John DuranJohn Duran is a Senior Consultant with Horwath HTL for the office in Atlanta, GA. John is involved in various strategic projects in hotel development and market research & analysis. His duties included site analysis, lodging market assessment, development concept review, financial analysis, and hotel impact study analysis. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with majors in Finance and Hospitality Administration from Georgia State University. Prior to joining Horwath HTL, John has worked as a Consultant for CBRE Hotels, where he worked on market studies and valuations of hotels and resorts.
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Hotel Management Agreements - Creating a Win Win Relationship

As a wave of uncertainty overtakes consumer sentiment, investors are using this time to pause and reflect on their assets. Some hotel Owners have concluded that there are areas of improvement at their hotels that would help in maintaining the asset's value through these troublous times.