Tim Lemons

President/CEO at L2 Studios, Inc.

Tim LemonsWith over 30 years of experience, Tim oversees the management and strategic direction of the firm. In addition to his organizational and technical leadership, he specializes in the development of complex master plans and visioning for hotel and resort projects, customer experience centers, and themed leisure environments. He employs a unique methodology of infusing the performance metrics with the culture and vision of the client and their customers into every phase of the project. Tim earned his professional Bachelor of Architecture degree with honors from the University of Tennessee in 1982. He is an active member of AIA, including past President; he has served on numerous city boards, and currently sits on the University of Florida CityLab Advisory board and the Heart of the City Advisory Board. Licensed in 23 states and the Caribbean, he has practiced both architecture and interior design in Orlando, across the nation, and in numerous countries worldwide.

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Post-Pandemic Healthy Hotels and Resorts

As we find ourselves halfway through the year 2020, you must admit the days are often filled with a multitude of emotions that range from frustration and apprehension, to optimism with moments of joy, and then right back to frustration in the form of panic and concern.

21st Century Healthy Hotels and Resorts

The rapid onset of the novel coronavirus and resulting COVID- 19 has stopped the world-wide economy, thus adversely affecting business and industry at large. Specifically, the hospitality industry has been hard hit as the vast majority of hotel and leisure properties have been forced to close to slow the widespread advance of this virus and limit the death and pain left in its wake.