Zen Valli

Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing (UK/EU) at RMS Cloud

Zen ValliZen has recently joined the RMS Cloud team and brings more than a decade of international hospitality tech experience. He is an expert in his field, pinpointing industry challenges and finding solutions for hospitality businesses with innovative PMS technology.
Insights by Zen Valli (2)

Visioning a Post-COVID Era in Cloud PMS

Imagine all the chaos if you had to hire a consultant to come to your home and set up ZOOM on your computer at the onset of beginning of COVID-19. This is the state of “cloud” PMS technology in the hospitality industry.

Visioning the Post-COVID Era in PMS and Cloud Technology

Let's face it; we've become complacent. If COVID has taught us anything, it's the need to shake up the way we engage and adapt technology in the hospitality industry. We've become accustomed to inherited practices and dated processes, trying to stay ahead of the game by investing in fancy customer-facing touchpoints but without keeping our technology stack in order.