Johanna Wagner

Co-Founder of La Belle EDuC, Founder of Upside Up Hotel Asset and Guest Lecture at ESSEC MSc in Hospitality Management (IMHI)

Johanna WagnerJohanna Wagner is a hotel asset manager, entrepreneur and Hotel Management School lecturer. As she became passionate about hospitality at a young age when working as a waitress, she joined the IMHI/ESSEC MBA in Hospitality Management and specialized in hotel real estate and finance along her experiences with BNP Paribas Real Estate, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts and Covivio. Her various positions these last 16 years combined with her lecturing activities made her realize that the hospitality industry has the potential to become a model to foster a global change in the way organizations interact with society and the environment. In her current activities, ranging from hotel asset management to sustainability facilitation for schools and businesses or lecturing, she puts sustainability at the foundation of her value proposition. Her entrepreneurship adventure started in June 2020 when she co-founded La Belle EDuC, an independent, for-purpose company, dedicated to the creation of an international sustainability label for higher education programs (developed with the support of AFNOR). She strongly believes that there is no such thing as small change and tries to make all her business decisions and partnerships matter by focusing on People, Sustainability and Innovation.
Insights by Johanna Wagner (4)

Sustainability-driven legislation: setting the right conditions for hospitality?

The UN IPCC states that to avoid climate catastrophe, the world needs to cut its carbon emissions by almost half by 2030 (from the 2018 level) and close to 100% by 2050. That's quite imaginable for new hotels, but much more challenging for existing ones.

Responsible travel: How do we make booking sustainable hotels easier?

Let customers review how sustainable a hotel is by having up to 5 green stars (on top of the existing star rating). and TripAdvisor and other such platforms could adopt such a feature not just for hotels but other hospitality businesses too (If they do feature other types).

Driving Resiliency and Sustainability in Hospitality: Five Priorities for 2021

The temptation to type the word People 5 times was too great. But I think People X 5 is still not good enough. So I shall say People in the power of 5! Prior to COVID-19, we were talking about the great need for more hospitality people and how we entice more young people and talent in the industry.

Running out of energy: An underestimated threat to a "people's business"?

The problem is far wider than some may estimate. Hospitality is not just any business. It's the type of business that provides an escape from day to day troubles, it's essential to wellbeing and a vital medicine to society's ills.