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Maurice BerginI have worked in the Hospitality Sector since 1977 which included time in Hotels, restaurants, guesthouses, marketing, consulting, lecturing, food hygiene management and latterly as a Resource Efficiency and Environmental Management specialist within the sector. I now run which offers certification to hospitality businesses across Ireland. I also operate a Responsible Travel website (, Consulting Business (HSC Ltd and Green Trading Company) and a Green Purchasing website for the business sector - I am a Fellow of the Irish Hospitality Institute and spent many years as a branch and national council member of the IHF.
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The price of hotel sustainability: willing-to-stay and willing-to-pay?

How should the industry communicate the added value of sustainability (rather than added cost) that resonates with guests that espouse similar values? There should be no added cost – in 2 decades of working with hotels on environmental sustainability I have never found a hotel that spent more than they saved – even with large capital investment projects as the savings paid for the investment.

Sustainability-driven legislation: setting the right conditions for hospitality?

One word encapsulates the underlying challenge facing our planet when we talk about Climate Change. It was included in the summary of Roland Geyer's argument…. "we must ban fossil fuels to save our planet".

Driving Resiliency and Sustainability in Hospitality: Five Priorities for 2021

All stakeholders are becoming more environmentally aware and looking for quantifiable actions, carbon reduction strategies, and clear messages from the businesses they interact with – no more so than the hospitality sector which has a substantial environmental footprint.