Oleksii Kapichin

Revenue Management Expert

Oleksii Kapichin

Oleksii Kapichin is a hospitality industry professional and revenue management expert with 12+ years of experience. Oleksii's hotel management background includes comprehensive operational, financial, and revenue management experience. During his career, Oleksii has sought opportunities to accomplish cost-reduction goals, generate revenue, meet and exceed production targets, and motivate employees to perform at a high level. As a team leader, Oleksii has managed diverse, cross-functional teams and a diverse clientele while earning a reputation as a strong, empowering business leader in the hospitality industry.

Oleksii holds a master's degree in hospitality management from Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne. Professional certificates include Certified Revenue Management Executive, Certified in Hotel Business Acumen by HSMAI, and Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics by AHLA.

Oleksii is a founder and author of, a professional hospitality industry blog focused on revenue management, marketing, distribution, branding, and strategy.

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How can hotels stand ahead of the curve when demand returns?

First thing hoteliers should do is invest and implement technology NOW! With today's SaaS monthly fees and free trials, even in this time with little cash on hand, implementing new technology is possible and affordable.

How Can Revenue Managers Improve The Quality Of Their Decisions?

It's hard to underestimate the importance of effective, timely, and correct decisions. The revenue manager plays a crucial role in the hotel's financial success. The revenue leader is tasked with making decisions that will affect the hotel's bottom line.

Do we need a new revenue management toolkit for 2021?

Let's remind everyone what the primary goal of revenue management (RM) is: to ensure that the property sells the right product to the right customer at the right time for the right price on the right channel.

Four Scenarios for the Group Segment in a COVID19 world

It's hard to underestimate the importance of group business for the hotel industry. Groups contribute revenue to rooms, F&B, and other departments of the hotel. Many properties in the urban markets depend on the group business to survive.

Voluntary chains vs. Corporate soft brand chains: Which branding strategy offers hotel owners more value?

In the modern hotel industry, the hotel owners can choose from different branding options: Independence (non-affiliation), traditional franchise, and soft brand that includes voluntary chains and corporate soft brand chains.
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