Elton Mouna

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Elton  MounaMetaphorically speaking I have walked the hospitality industry walk. I believe this allows me to talk the hospitality industry talk. I have gained knowledge and wisdom of the hospitality sector through practical experience. I have run three pubs; have been Head of Retail Marketing and Head of PR and Corporate Communications at Fuller's and have been MD of London Pub Co Remarkable Pubs. I now wobby for a living (that's a work and hobby combo). I talk about, write about, broadcast about and podcast about the hospitality sector. As well as this I help others with creative thinking, one-off projects and throwing my two-penneth worth in when asked. I love the following: walking; London; walking in London; keeping fit by doing at least three sessions of high impact interval training a week; music of virtually every genre and radio. I am married to Sheila my lovely Mrs. We have two sons, Tom and Mark and two cats, Biggie and Smalls. Finally, I never ever run out of ideas and I am told my enthusiasm rubs off on others (which I think was a compliment)
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Podcast: Professor Vicki Culpin: Bearing Up When The Chips Are Down

Vicki Culpin is an author, a Ted talker and Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the world renowned Ashridge Executive Education Business School in Hertfordshire England. In this Podcast she discusses with Elton Mouna, and details practical examples of self-care in a time of crisis lead to resilience and to good quality business decision making.

Podcast: Ron Ashkenas: Bearing Up When The Chips Are Down

Ron Ashkenas is a Connecticut based internationally recognised expert on organisational transformation, simplification and innovation. In this Podcast he discusses, with Elton Mouna, and details practical examples, of why now more than ever is a time for innovation and why he advocates innovating with urgency.

Podcast: Jim Sullivan: Bearing Up When The Chips Are Down

Jim Sullivan is the Wisconsin based, much respected hospitality industry expert specialising in developing leaders for restaurant and retail brands worldwide. In this Podcast Jim discusses with Elton Mouna why looking to yesterday's solutions to address today's problems will not work.

Podcast: Emma Kenny: Bearing Up When The Chips Are Down

Emma Kenny is a psychologist, writer, media commentator, television presenter and radio broadcaster (Credits: Resident psychologist ITV's This Morning, The People Watchers BBC2, Global, Wireless, Bauer).