Sharad Kapur

Revenue & Distribution Strategist

Sharad KapurSharad Kapur is a Commercial leader with more than 20 years in the hospitality industry and has overseen regions of ASPAC, EAME, and LATIN and been based out of key global cities, including Chicago, Zurich, Dubai, and Mumbai. A graduate of Cornell University’s Master’s program, he has been at the forefront of leading commercial operations in Revenue Strategy, Distribution, and Sales Operations and has managed a variety of brands, including luxury and lifestyle. As a former head of Revenue Strategy at Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, he was responsible for maximizing revenues and asset value across varied ownership structures in emerging and established markets. A Total Revenue enthusiast, and a Commercial Strategist. He is today an active commercial strategy consultant for hotels, restaurants, and spas
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Creative Revenue Management: How Can Hotels Sell their Spaces in Time of Crisis?

The hospitality industry took a massive hit due to COVID-19. With lockdowns and border closures, there was simply no demand. Over the last few months there have been many creative ways to attract customers to stay in the hotels; Staycations, Workcations, and more.

How can hotels correctly calculate their costs per acquisition?

With roles changing from Revenue Management to Revenue Strategy, profitability has been at the forefront of most revenue decisions and has recently become more critical. The cost can assume various elements such as intermediary costs, commission costs, reservations, sales and marketing and personnel costs.

Commercially Outsourced?

In most crisis, organizations can take a step back, examine the long-term strategy, deploy resources, and put their weight behind a chosen path. In the ongoing pandemic faced throughout the world, companies like governments (for lockdowns) had no choice but to take extreme measures by drastically reducing workforce and other expenses.

Focus On Productivity: How COVID taught us to do more with less resources...

Hospitality organizations throughout the world took drastic measures to cut down costs to survive through the pandemic crisis. As hotels open and demand returns, many are struggling to provide a consistent level of service.

The Revenuemanager episode #2 - Beyond Room Revenue (FULL EPISODE)

BEYOND ROOM REVENUEthis is the theme of the second episode of #TheRevenuemanager​ seriesgoing live the 22nd of april from 4:00pm CETfeaturingIan Di Tullio Chief Commercial Officer Accor South EuropeSharad Kapur Consultant/Former Head of Revenue Strategy Hyatt HotelsAnnamarie Gubanski CEO Taktikonmoderator Scott Dahl Master's Program Director Les Roches Hospitalityfrom 5:00pm CET the vendor track sessions begin:"live" Interview with Klaus Kohlmayr Chief Evangelist IDeaSErik Tengen presents OakyVassilis Syropoulos presents Juyo Analytics5:45pm CET the Masterclass: DON'T JUST SELL, UPSELL!A practical guide to upselling.
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