Heidi Banak

Marketing Coordinator/Research Analyst at Hotel & Leisure Advisors

Heidi BanakI coordinate and manage marketing efforts for Hotel & Leisure Advisors.These efforts include maintaining H&LA's website, email marketing, writing blog posts, responding to RFP's, and maintaining and updating all of H&LA's other marketing materials. I conduct research related to hospitality properties such as hotels, resorts, waterparks, golf courses, conference centers, and other leisure real estate. In addition to marketing and research, I review and edit our reports for grammar, style, and mathematical accuracy.
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Top 10 hotel trends in 2020: Are they here to stay?

Back when we were all naïve enough to think that 2020's biggest headache would be a seemingly endless year of political campaign ads, hotels and resorts in the U.S. were poised to enjoy the fruits of a robust economy.