Vanguélis Panayotis

CEO MKG Consulting & Hospitality ON / MRICS

Vanguélis PanayotisVanguélis Panayotis is chairman of MKG Consulting and OK_Φ. As an expert in the hotel and tourism industry, he is a peer-recognized observer and a key player in the current transformation of the sector. Vanguelis Panayotis earned a Bachelor Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Glion Hotel School in Switzerland, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in International Hospitality Management, from Wales University in the United Kingdom. After several hotel operation positions in various international hotel chains, Vanguelis joined MKG Group in 2001. He first manages various in-house and multi-dimensional projects, including the development of business tools which facilitate the Group’s expansion. Then he works with the consulting teams and contributes to all major projects undertaken by MKG. Vanguelis is currently COO of MKG Group and CEO of MKG Consulting & OK_Φ.

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What Cornerstones For The Next Cycle?

The COVID dust is still settling but a new global landscape for hospitality is already taking shape. For the hotel industry, 2020 marked a sharp break, the end of an economic cycle that began at the end of the 2008-2009 financial crisis.

And all that remained in Pandora’s box was hope

When Pandora opened the jar containing all the evils of the earth, unable to resist the curiosity that consumed her, she spread them on earth, leaving hope in the container out of the reach of men. Yet it is hope, optimism and tenacity that are guiding the tourism sector through the crisis of mobility caused by the restrictions linked to the COVID pandemic 19.

Let's Embrace The Recovery With "Style"

As we enter the final stretch before the end of a very special year, 2020, many are announcing a world of tomorrow, a hotel of tomorrow, a tourism of tomorrow... The pandemic is bringing new life to our professions, and we will not have enough on both hands to build this new world.