Lucienne Mosquera

Co-founder of SustainUK and currently developing services to accelerate and simplify decarbonization and optimization of building and retrofit projects.


Lucienne is founder of Hospitality Business Development and is currently developing strategy and cradle-to-grave Asset Plans for a new European Sustainable Hotel Brand.

Enriched by her studies with Cambridge University in Sustainable Business Management and Finance, she places sustainability, technology, and innovation at the heart of hotel strategy planning and development.

She is passionate about the compelling business case for sustainability and optimisation in the hotel industry and has developed a flexible investment underwrite model to support owners, investors and developers transition to a profitable, resilient, investable, future proof and ESG compliant post-covid business model.

A graduate from The Hague Hotel Management School, she started out her career in Luxury Hotels with over 25 years in hospitality Finance and Sales & Marketing. Lucienne is a Member of The Institute of Hospitality. She further studied Hotel Asset Management and Investment at Cornell University and has certifications in Revenue Management and Distribution at ESSEC Business School.

207 Regent Street
Moore Hotel Consulting
London, W1B 3HH
United Kingdom
Phone: 44 207 043 1986

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