JoAnna Abrams

CEO of MindClick


JoAnna Abrams is an award-winning leader, entrepreneur, business strategist, and innovator with a deep passion for using the power of big data analytics to drive brand equity and move beyond the status quo. That passion inspires MindClick, an environmental health product intelligence company committed to empowering suppliers and their customers’ marketing, design, sustainability, and supply chain teams with easy-to-understand, easy-to-use insights and knowledge needed to meet global demand for healthier products and healthier environments. As the CEO and Founder, JoAnna leads MindClick’s long-term strategic direction and vision for advancing the circular economy and driving brand equity through the expansion of MindClick’s Environmental Health (EH) Index™, a fast-growing cloud-based platform that features easy-to-use ‘good, better, best’ ratings of suppliers and products from nearly 500 manufacturers worldwide based on the existence of socially and environmentally responsible practices throughout the product lifecycle. Under JoAnna’s leadership, MindClick is successfully driving transparency and innovation across top global brands, including Marriott International and the largest healthcare industry leaders, that enables them to both deliver on the social and environmental commitments they make to their consumers, customers, employees and investors, as well as to simply buy better and produce better products. Design for Health™ by MindClick, is the Digital Studio for Healthy Interiors. Launched in September 2020, we're celebrating and connecting designers and vendors in an exciting new way to: explore the environmental performance ratings of hundreds of vendors and their products; access tools to make healthy design specification a standard part of the design practice; provide Leaders of the Built Environment (brands, owners, REITs, and management companies) with social and environmental performance data for every project. Prior to MindClick, JoAnna gained a unique perspective to the critical issues surrounding sustainability in the business world. She brings a combination of more than 10 years of sustainability experience, a background in finance that dates back to the start of her career at Accenture (formerly Arthur Anderson) and 20 years of experience in brand management, market research, usability testing, and new product development for the most recognized consumer products brands, including Nestle, Pepsi-Co, Toyota, Warner Brothers, and Wolfgang Puck. JoAnna holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and a B.S. in finance from University of Illinois. She has been named a hospitality industry innovator by Lodging Magazine. JoAnna is also a frequent speaker on the topics of sustainability and consumer trends, advances in incorporating sustainability into business practices and the effective use of scorecards in driving progress.

30 SW Century Dr #120
Bend, OR 97702
United States

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