Glenn Skolnick

Senior Vice President, New York

Glenn SkolnickGlenn Skolnick is Senior Vice President at HVS Executive Search, based in New York. He has over 20 years of experience at top tier investment banks where he was consistently a leading revenue producer. He worked closely raising capital for and analyzing both major public companies and smaller private companies including the real estate, restaurant, gaming, lodging, and leisure sectors. Glenn’s clients included global asset managers, hedge funds, and real estate funds. He played an integral role in advising senior managers and their investors on existing investments as well as proposing new investments. He brings the same passion working for his clients in executive search as he has throughout his career in finance and is committed to partnering with his clients to best meet the needs of their organizations. Glenn began his career working for Aramark after graduating from the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration. For more information, contact Glenn at [email protected]

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The Importance of Diversity at all Levels of the Hospitality Industry

As our world becomes increasingly diverse, the hospitality industry recognizes the need to reflect this in the way it operates. The multicultural and multinational market would benefit from hotels and leisure properties appointing diverse management teams that understand their backgrounds, needs, and desires, and can effectively reach a diverse target market.