Stanislav Ivanov

Founder and Editor-in-chief of ROBONOMICS: The Journal of the Automated Economy

Stanislav  IvanovStanislav Ivanov (‘Stan’) is a Professor in Tourism Economics and Vice-Rector (Research) in Varna University of Management and Director of Zangador Research Institute. He is the founder and the Editor-in-chief of two academic journals: European Journal of Tourism Research (indexed in Scopus and Web of Science) and ROBONOMICS: The Journal of the Automated Economy. Additionally, he serves on the editorial and review boards of over 30 other journals. He authored over 160 publications (books, book chapters, articles, conference reports, book reviews, and industry reports) in the field of robonomics, robotics, artificial intelligence and service automation, hotel marketing, hotel chains, pricing and revenue management, destination marketing and management, tourism’s impact on economic growth, political issues in tourism. Stan keeps close links with the tourism business. He has been several times lecturer at the largest events for tourism professionals in Bulgaria – Travel Academy, Hotel Investment Forum, and Destination Varna. Through Zangador Ltd., Stan conducts trainings in Hotel marketing, Pricing and revenue management, Marketing audit, etc., implements marketing research projects, prepares specialised analyses and reports for various companies. He has specialised in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Norway, Cyprus, USA, Italy. Stan is happily married with one child and lives in Varna, Bulgaria.
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Can hospitality integration hubs save our industry from legacy tech nightmares?

Current technologies provide numerous opportunities to automate repetitive and dull tasks to improve efficiency and save time. Cloud services and standardisation contribute significantly to the compatibility of technologies and their integration.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Solve Major Deficiencies in Hospitality

To answer the question on the top AI-powered applications that are must-have today and can solve the most immediate issues and deficiencies in hospitality, we need to see what the deficiencies in hospitality are.

The contactless guest journey is here to stay, or is it?

The Covid-19 pandemic stimulated the use of contactless technologies for measuring temperature, payments, kiosks for taking orders, food delivery robots, etc. I personally think that after the pandemic some of the demand for these technologies will decrease in the short term because the demand for the tasks they perform will decrease (e.

Where does the PMS sit in the new technology stack?

The Property Management System (PMS) is like an information core of any accommodation establishment and it will keep this role in the future. Nowadays, the majority of PMSs are cloud-based and allow the integration of various applications, e.

Solving Labor Shortage Through Technology

Labour shortages in the hospitality industries of developed economies are inevitable due to low birth rates, the low salaries and prestige of most entry-level hospitality positions, recent lockdowns and competition for labour from other sectors of the economy.
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